Ewing & Germano Murals

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Decorative and Trompe l'oeil

Decorative Trompe l’oeil

1. WindowWall - Living room opened up by faux windows with a bright blue sky, plants and birds.
2. Medieval Niches- Residential wine cellar with scenes from French medieval miniatures.
3. Breakfast Nook Ceiling - Soffited ceiling painted with a an airy faux arbor and greenery.
4. Clituno Niche- an outdoor patio detailed with niches holding a classic Umbrian spring.
5. Motel Pots & Planting- faux pots and flowers on a busy arterial street, requiring no maintenance or water.
6. Pool Bouganvillea- Painted arbors and blooming Bouganvillea to span retaining wall.

WindowWall Medieval Niches
Breakfast Nook Ceiling Clituno Niche
Motel Pots & Planting Pool Bouganvillea