Ewing & Germano Murals

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Identity by Design

Identity Murals

1. Marina Motel - “Postcard” style mural to show off the courtyard amd unique history of this motel.
2. Discount Builders- Doorways made welcoming & customer friendly with a pictoral interpretation of interior.
3. Brutocao’s Venice - Venetian iconic vista featuring the winged lion, the client’s logotype.
4. Lucca Ravioli’s Map of Italy- Ceiling in a neighborhood deli shows provinces and towns entertaining waiting customers.
5. Montecito Pavillion- Cental space accented with painted terra cotta sunfaces, trellises and greenery.
6. ItalFoods, Inc.- Painting the Spanish Steps of Rome in importer’s showroom gives a feeling of authenticity.

Marina Motel Discount Builders
Brutocao's Venice Lucca Ravioli's Map of Italy
Montecito Pavillion ItalFoods, Inc.